Chairman’s Message


It is an honour and a privilege to the Chairman of SFC Public School,Fatehgarh Korortan,Moga and the school that stands for excellence and continuously sets the higher standards.SFC Public School was established in year 2010 with a vision to impart modern education and ethics to enable students to imbibe a progressive outlook towards life. Our primary aim is to encourage each SFC Public student to be a self-confident, inquisitive, tolerant and energetic young person, with an independent mind an individual who respects the view of others. When he/she leaves this school, the child is full of vigor and energy and enters the higher institution in search of new vistas of life. A fewer they may be, the inquisitive and committed minds can only help in transforming the society. The aim of the school is to propel young brilliant minds to commission their energies for ameliorating the lot of lower strata of society hither to neglected Our students are to be moulded qualitatively different to persue such goals in life as should bring name and fame not only to themselves but also to the community rather humanity. The website provides information regarding various aspects of school life like the curriculum, sports, cultural and host of other activities. So as they flutter their luminous wings in the higher horizon sparkling the mother Earth which is a place to live.

Mr. Manmohan Krishan Jindal