Sfc Public School-Campus

Education infrastructure includes, suitable spaces to learn.  This is one of the most basic elements necessary to ensure access to education. School classrooms are the most common place in which structured learning takes place with groups of children.  While learning also takes place in a variety of different types of spaces – tents, temporary shelters, plastic sheeting, shade of trees, places of worship, people’s homes, and so on—families and communities expect formal education to take place in classrooms that have been designed for safety and comfort. Some of the attributes of adequate infrastructure are:

  • Sufficient space per child, usually guided by standards set by a country’s Ministry of Education
  • Sufficient space for 30-40 children per classroom, to permit efficient use of teachers
  • Construction methods that ensure the safety of children in school, suited to natural hazards of the region
  • Adequate separate sanitary facilities for boys and girls and for staff
  • Increasingly, electricity and Internet connectivity.Also include Modern toys to play. Playground and green sprawling lawns. R.O Water filter and Generator. Computer Labs.
List of Rooms are:
         – Director Room, Principal Room, 30 Class Room, Juniour wing Staff room, Seniour Wing Staff Room, Activity Room, Store Room, Library  Room, Music Room, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Bio Lab, S.St Lab, Math Lab, Computer Lab, Language Lab, Medical Room, Pantry, Examination Room, Record Room, Art & Craft Room, 15 Girls toilet, 15 Boys Toilet, Toilet for Kindergarten, Staff Toilet